Schubert Motorsport ready to face challenges of 2021: BMW Motorsport racing cars in top-class race series

Schubert Motorsport have a jam-packed schedule for the 2021 motor racing season. The outfit led by Team Principal André Schubert has expanded its programme for this year with plans to contest three top‑class racing series. The BMW M6 GT3 is set to compete once more in the ADAC GT Masters while entry in the ADAC GT4 Germany for the first time and a return to the Nordschleife are also on the agenda. No less than three different vehicles from BMW Motorsport will see action in the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) and in the 24-Hour race in the Eifel.

Next act: BMW M6 GT3 will attack again in the ADAC GT Masters

After a year’s absence, Schubert Motorsport returned to the ADAC GT Masters with BMW for the 2020 season in order to build on previous success. The experienced team from Oschersleben showed a steep rise in form on their return to the Super Sports Car League with the BMW M6 GT3. Thanks to BMW works driver Nick Yelloly and team-mate Henric Skoog, they promptly went out and secured yet another victory in this hotly contested GT3 championship at the Red Bull Ring. The team intend to remain loyal to the series in 2021 and will again field a BMW M6 GT3.

Their ambitions are clear. The 2015 champions are keen to build on a string of noteworthy successes notched up by BMW’s current GT3 racing car. The goal is to consistently place in the top rankings of the ADAC GT Masters which is about to gain in prestige with the impending launch of the International German GT Championship under the aegis of the DMBS. Furthermore, the team will lay the basis for further close cooperation with BMW in this highly rated GT3 series, fielding the new BMW M4 GT3 in 2022 as a BMW M Motorsport team.

New chapter: ADAC GT4 Germany with the BMW M4 GT4

The ADAC GT4 Germany was first contested in 2019 within the context of the ADAC GT Masters and is becoming increasingly popular with professional drivers and young talents with every year that passes. The team would like to use the platform afforded by the BMW M4 GT4 to give young talents the opportunity to lay the foundations for a successful career in GT3 motor racing in a professional environment. Further details will be announced as soon as the remaining seats are yet to been filled.

Comeback: NLS and 24-Hour race with four BMW drivers

The Oschersleben-based team are also planning to return to the legendary Nordschleife and will go on the attack in the Nürburgring endurance series with a BMW M6 GT3, two BMW M2 CS Racing cars and a BMW M2 Schubert Competition car. Apart from tackling the NLS, the GT3 racing car will also compete in the legendary 24-Hour race and the qualifying round for the endurance classic in the SP9 class.

Team founder Torsten Schubert will line up with sons Michael von Zabiensky and Stefan von Zabiensky at the wheel of a BMW M2 CS Racing in an NLS classification specially designed for this model of car. Cockpits in the two BMW M2 CS Racing cars and BMW M2 Schubert Competition car in the SP8T class are open to ambitious amateur drivers and budding professionals. Furthermore, Schubert Motorsport will give drivers of the cars the chance to obtain the coveted DMSB Permit Nordschleife needed to compete in the NLS and in the 24-Hour race.

Team Principal André Schubert: “Last year was very challenging for Schubert Motorsport in many respects. The way our team stuck together and the support of our strong partners and sponsors made our return to the ADAC GT Masters possible despite difficulties all over the globe. It was an important step and we are looking forward to going back on the offensive with the BMW M6 GT3 in the world’s strongest GT3 series. Beyond that we will encounter much that is new and exciting and familiar. The ADAC GT4 Germany is a budding race series with plenty of potential. The NLS and the 24-Hour race are part of our history as a team and we can’t wait to return to the Nordschleife.”

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